Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I finally understand.

Many people ask why so down, why so emotional, what makes you feel so sad.
Words can't describe how bad it feels when you are really down.
But, life still gotta move on.
Every moment spent , those days that we have been through.
From zero to hundred and now back to zero. All of this has come to an end.
Its gonna be hard, so much harder than I think.
I don't know how they make it, how they get through this.
Sometimes its not the period that counts, but how much feeling you pour into it.
All of it that you have poured out, has become a waste in the end.
Feeling wasted it is, but the pain its there aching.
I used to thinked a lot, think untill I cracked my head.
I don't understand where had gone wrong.
But today, everything has changed.
I watched you changed, I watched how the process goes.
Untill one day we found ourselves numb.
Disappointment, hopeless, hatred.
We hate them, but we will eventually feel tired.
Its rather funny that we avoid the pain we go through till we are back to the starting point.
Can we still be the same again , as though we don't know each other like that day....???
There is a Scar there already..but anyhow, I still survive even without you.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

傻瓜, 就是我

 沒有什麼不同 眼光閃爍 曖昧流動 
 沒有什麼不同 故作軟弱 撒嬌害羞
 傻瓜也許單純的多 愛得沒那麼做作 
 愛上了 我不保留
 傻瓜 我們都一樣 
 傻瓜 我們都一樣 
代價只是一句 傻瓜 ....


愛上了 我不保留 被愛情傷了又傷
相信這個他不一樣  卻又再一次受傷 受了傷卻不投降 
相信付出會有代價  最后代價只是一句 傻瓜 .... 
我真的很累, 很累了。

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Its been quite a busy and happening week. Celebrated Cassandra and Elizabeth 's birthday! Went out since saturday till sunday! Weeee. I had a great time with them but am broke and sick now. Thanks for the happs happs moment and seriously enjoyed much. Untill i went to visit the doctor like finally. Doctor ask me izzit facebook too much. I replied. Nope, I wet too much during these few days! Holidays mah! LOL. The doctor even went stoned awhile and he prescribed me some medicine as usual and I asked for a MC. Weee! Self declared Holiday! xD Okay. So what's next??!  DECEMBER is COMING huh!

Seriously getting a little excited here, 

Looking forward to it! Seriously! :)


Enjoying my life towards the end of this year! 

How about you??! How you guys doing??! :P

Ps : Let's just SMILE for TOMORROW is ANOTHER DAY~

Saturday, November 19, 2011


爱究竟是什么东西?虽然爱可以让我们开心,但同时也能让大家悲伤。对我而言,你越爱一个人,你就付出越多。问题到头来不是在于谁付出比较多而是你到回来伤的是你自己。这里有谁没爱过 ?可见的每个人都一样,一但爱上了他/她 很自然的把自己投入在那童话里。不管你是恋爱或暧昧。其实每那么大的差别。你和他有多少快乐,就有多少悲伤。不管你们两人经过多少的路途,总有一天你们的爱都会有改变。这是很现实的。

是你的就是你的   不是你的   永远都不会是

可惜不是你, 陪我到最后,感谢的是你 牵过我的手 还能感受那温柔。。

PS:  如果我们只是擦肩而过 那何必在彼此身上 留下伤痕。

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


If u are able to see through the lens. *keep staring at the camera lens*

So what u see?! =P

Yayyy! It's a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! :D

Yeap, indeed #Christmas is coming soon. 1 month +to go peeps! 

Are you feeling excited?? Are u happy?? 

How are you going to celebrate  CHRISTMAS  this year???

Hmm, I have mixed feelings here. Yes I admit am looking forward to it but I still didnt get very excited about it. Sighhh, the feeling of officially turning into an adult. the word LADY is smiling at me! ==" Anyway, I still don't feel old . Hey come on! Its just the Beginning! Muahaahahahh!  
Christmas spree might be awesome this year, but I still think that putting lesser hope brings more excitement. So I'll just let it be. 

Friends around asking me how am I celebrating this special "twin pack" occasion. I said, ehmm..Seriously haven't thought of any plans yet. Nahhh...just let things flow. One thing am sure that God is planning it for me already. My main wish is to be Healthy and Happy most of the time. It would be enough. Money can buy happiness but money couldn't buy health. Rich people still have cancer or certain diseases. I just pray that I will be happy and healthy and God will bless the people around me too as well! :)   

I mean, let's enjoy while we are capable of. In fact we should be enjoying ourselves till the maxXx in this age. ;) But of course besides enjoying , it is the time too to take hold of the responsibilities and learn to be though. 

Just like what they said....

"...BIG GIRLS DON't CRY ..."

Friday, November 4, 2011


在茫茫人海中, 为什么是你,而不是别人呢?

能不能不爱了,因为爱太痛了,我痛的快死了, 却无法把你忘了

我不能够, 不能够不爱了。

Good night. Wish me luck tomorrow! AMEN.